Pinki – test machine

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Cricket equipment is becoming so poor nowadays in the market that it becomes unusual after a few days. Aunts bought a ball but on the other day he had to compel to buy another ball as the first ball broke in one six. Pinik said he could test the strength of the new ball …… Read more »

Pinki – Thick Book

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In the last few days, Pinik Bibi was worried about what to do for a long time? His mother told the stories of the stories that he ended in an hour. Then let’s go to exchange this book with any of his cousin’s books … What happened then? See yourself Pinik! Why are you here… Read more »

Pinki – New Cap

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Pinik Bibi has brought a hat as a gift for his neighbor Shadi Kaka. She says that Shadiya Kaka should now wear a new hat instead of her old coated hat. But Shaidi, this hat was very expensive for Kaka. how does? See your own reading … Where are you going to fuck this hat?… Read more »

Pinki – Blank Letter

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Avoid winking. Yes! If they do not forget their grandfather, where will you leave us and you? Last time, Pankee had tasted Grandpa’s newspaper in the case of newspaper … How often is the name of the letter letter tense? Just read and see … Grandpa! You have never sent me a letter! Pinik daughter,… Read more »

Paniki – New Year’s Best Value

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Who can beat Pinki .. But every day does not have the same, so the crown also has a lot of iron. You also read and see how and how did Pinnabyb eat this time? Pinik! Where are you going early in the morning? Your friends have to announce new year! First of all I… Read more »

Popo and Bablo – Ice Cream Party

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Pappu and Babu’s mischief on one side, but sometimes the forgotten puppies also embarrass their ami and Abu in front of the guests. How to see How many ice cream is to make for? At least 12 people. However, these Qasim brothers eat like a laugh All the other eat as usual. Like us ..… Read more »

Papo and Bablo – Gourmet Uncle

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Pepe and Babu Mimi told them that they did not eat much in the party, the food stirred more food. Now what if Pope tied this in the neck then what happened? See yourself Anwar Sahib is definitely not worthless in the matter of celebrating her wedding anniversary nor does she consume Said perfectly …… Read more »

Pappu and Bablu – Bad habit

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Pipo saw the others seen and started climbing the tongue, on which he drank his Abu’s claim that it was a bad habit. Now Pope is missing this thing … Then … Pope! It’s not good to get out of your language. You must educate older people! A few days later It seems that you… Read more »

Popo and Bablu – Chocolate and Pencil

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Taffle boxes, chocolate biscuits, etc. are stored in the dining box, while the pencil is served to keep pancakes, rubber [erup] and sharpner etc. But .. Pipo and Babu have hidden chocolate and bars in the pencil’s container … Okay why See your own reading …

Popo and Bablo – The maximum number of people

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Some things on the same side get a small number of things. But it is obvious that the purchase will be done without comparing the amount of waste needed. But sometimes it also needs to be explained by a specific explanation. Pipo and Babu did not understand what happened then? See it yourself …

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