Pappu and Bablu – Bad habit

urducart September 9, 2017 828 No Comments


Pipo saw the others seen and started climbing the tongue, on which he drank his Abu’s claim that it was a bad habit. Now Pope is missing this thing … Then …

Pope! It’s not good to get out of your language. You must educate older people!
A few days later
It seems that you have some temperature
The doctor will have to take you
What happened to Mimi, Papua?
I think Pope has become a snake
After Mimi, Pope then I can also be there?
God forbid. Why are you saying that?
Because then you will take me in your lap too.
In the medicine ..
Pope! Open your mouth
Get your tongue out
no! I do not get out
Oh popo! Be a good child, let’s get a good tongue
No mummy Abu had told that children with bad habits only get the language out