Chacha Chaudhary – Original Diamond

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Looks like you do not want to live at home today!
Bibi Jan! Rocket * is boring, so I’m taking it out!
Uncle uncle’s dog dog
I will come soon. Do not worry
Come on rocket as well! Why do you stay back
Left !! Rocket disappeared?
Hey! Oh! She is my pet dog
</s> </s>
Go big big boobs! Is your name written on it? Whoever wears up, he is the dog!
Parent! Come see what have I brought for you?
good, very good! So you come back. I knew that they would not get you too late!
Pull it down! There is nothing more than freedom in the world!
Uncle uncle To be a child, a dog is behind you.
Mummy This is my pet dog!
Hahaha! If the pet is to be kept, then like a jumbo elephant, Lehim Shiham has made a sacrifice to the animal!
Do not you know There is a stone in the volume of hundreds of diamonds from a diamond, but people still want the diamond not to stone.