URDU ISLAMIC CARTOON FOR KIDS – Prophet Nuh (AS) – Urdu Quran Tales

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Prophet Nuh (AS)

Have you ever heard of Prophet Nuh (as)? He used to be a Prophet who got here after Prophet Adham (as). Watch the superb adventures of this Prophet on this superior episode! Watch how Allah (swt) asks the Prophet to construct an enormous boat, ahead of He flooded the earth with water! Tales of Prophets for Youngsters is a compilation of animated tales in response to the Prophets in Islam. Our movies are perfect for Four-12 12 months previous youngsters, and the adults can also experience our movies. Each and every of our movies gifts the tales of Prophets from other occasions. Each video highlights the paintings of a Prophet, and the way He preached the message of Allah (swt). Islamic Youngsters Movies in Urdu Items Quran Tales, Youngsters Islamic Tales, Islamic Caricature, Quran Tales for Youngsters.