URDU ISLAMIC CARTOON FOR KIDS | Tale of Prophet Saleh (AS) | Quran Tales For Children in Urdu

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Urdu Islamic Children Movies Gifts Prophet Saleh (AS) or Salih (AS) Tale in Urdu.Prophet Saleh (as) or Salih (as), was once a Prophet discussed in Qur’an. The Prophet preached to the tribe of Thamud, in historic Arabia. Watch how God creates an enormous She-Camel from only a rock, as a present to His folks! Watch the fantastic adventures of the Prophet and the She-Camel on this superior episode. Tales of Prophets for Children is a compilation of animated tales in keeping with the Prophets in Islam. Our movies are perfect for Four-12 12 months outdated kids, and the adults can also revel in our movies. Each and every of our movies gifts the tales of Prophets from other occasions. Each video highlights the paintings of a Prophet, and the way He preached the message of Allah (swt). The duration of every phase, and the simple to grasp narrative makes our movies an excellent educating useful resource for folks and academics. Islamic Children Movies in Urdu Gifts Quran Tales, Children Islamic Tales, Islamic Cool animated film, Quran Tales for Children.