The French animated cartoon “Oggy And The Cockroaches” is a mind blowing cartoon for kids. Kids have lots of fun while watching. This Oggy And Cockroaches drew the attention of children because it was translated in Urdu so that kids may comprehend the language being used in the program. Oggy, the blue cat who likes to spend time watching Television and eating. He has nothing to do except eating. He also keeps on chasing cockroach and became emotionally attached with them. He usually misses the cockroaches’ mischievous acts whenever he sits at home alone. Hence, it is sort of tug of war between Oggy and the Cockroaches. Besides, children can enjoy this cartoon series, even though; it entertains the girls who have cockroach phobia. Now cockroach is no more frightened for you because by watching this series, you can have fun with Oggy and Cockroaches so just type in your search engines and enjoy.

Oggy And The Cockroaches

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