Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse cartoon is extremely liked and watched by children i.e. girls and boys. It is a funny animal cartoon which is very humorous as well as hilarious action could be seen while watching this cartoon programs. A mouse who wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves as Mickey is known as one of the most familiar cartoon of the world. Furthermore, Mickey Mouse usually appears with his girlfriend Minnie mouse, his pet dog Pluto, his friend Donald Duck and others. It is highly appreciated among children because of his mischievous action throughout the episodes. Not only it is humorous but also it has very suspense and mysterious stages for children who love to watch such stories which may give them a high climax and a satisfactory resolution of the conflicts. This is why the plot of this series is also well connected and setting of the background is very attention grabbing for kids. UrduCartoons.com has brought these all varieties for children to watch and enjoy.

Micky Mouse

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