Chota bheem is series of cartoons in which Bheem is the protagonist because he keeps on solving the problems of everyone, whereas, antagonist Kalia Pahelwan creates hurdles for him throughout the series. He is also envious of Bheem’s popularity and always tries to embarrass him along with his friends Dholu and Bholu. However, he failed to defame Bheem because Krishna helps Bheem whenever he needs help in the most difficult situation as he fights with evil character Kirmada and others. These cartoons Urdu includes: Chota Bheem Aur Krishna, Curse of Damyaan, shivini ka Dhaba, and others many attractive stories in this series. Besides, it is very adventurous series as it occurred in a fictional town called Dholakpur. The plot of the story is very interesting for children because of its well organized and logical connection between the events. The plot link between first episodes to the last creates suspense among kids while watching it with its beautiful background setting of the story.

Chota Bheem