Pinki – Thick Book

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In the last few days, Pinik Bibi was worried about what to do for a long time? His mother told the stories of the stories that he ended in an hour. Then let’s go to exchange this book with any of his cousin’s books … What happened then? See yourself

Pinik! Why are you here so much?
Mummy! Tell me what should I do then?
Examination is over, now there are two holidays for summer months. Just getting bored
See it .. I have brought this storybook from the market to you.
great ! There are fascinating stories. It seems that the holidays will sink comfortably
After the story of ‘prince and cruel robbery’, ‘story of jungle’ will read the story.
Mummy! This book ended in an hour. What should i do now
Daughter! You should do this with your cousin’s book.
Wow’s great advice. In this way, I will read new stories without spending more money
Pinik! where are you going?
Akbar! I am going to exchange the storybook of my cousins
So why did not you change this to my book?
Your book looks very small from my book.
Your little book will have fewer stories. Hey! This change is not acceptable to me.
Pinik! Where are you going to book the book?
Brother in law! I have come to exchange the storybook with my cousins.
So brother! You change it from my book. There are stories in this book
sister ! How long did you have to read your book?
Oh yeah Hi, you can enjoy this book for a whole week!
Just a week? Then what will I do after that?
No, sir! I need more books.
Pinik! What do we think we should exchange our own book?
Gobo! How long have you been able to read in your book?
You can not finish this book two months before two months.
Aff .. So okay .. Let us exchange our own book
Now we’ll meet that place two months later, okay?
Well, thank you
Right ??? Account book