Pinki – test machine

urducart September 9, 2017 1279 No Comments


Cricket equipment is becoming so poor nowadays in the market that it becomes unusual after a few days. Aunts bought a ball but on the other day he had to compel to buy another ball as the first ball broke in one six. Pinik said he could test the strength of the new ball … Just see how to check the strength of the ball by Piniki?

Good luck! Where are you coming from?
Game accessories
I was investigating the various balls to buy this ball of cricket
But tomorrow too you bought a ball, did not you?
Yes. That’s the problem. She broke just as a snake
What a bad business is going on. Today, everything is being copied
Yes, the first cricket equipment was very strong. I saw Chitin Sharma’s ball in the museum today, on which Javed Mian Dad won the match by winning sixth.
If this new ball breaks even after bumping it off .. ?
Before playing, we will try to test it.
By the way I have a good machine to test the hardship of things!
What do you do? Then just check out this ball and look.
TT T …
This is jumbo! My test machine !!
Cookie! Just see Whether this ball is strong or not?
Brother in law! It seems that the ball was also tired, so it broke!