Paniki – New Year’s Best Value

urducart September 9, 2017 871 No Comments


Who can beat Pinki .. But every day does not have the same, so the crown also has a lot of iron. You also read and see how and how did Pinnabyb eat this time?

Pinik! Where are you going early in the morning?
Your friends have to announce new year!
First of all I should go to Swarghal Lal, if it is poor and narrow, what happened!
Swarre Lal! Accept new year’s best wishes!
well wishes? What are these?
That means: God bless you all this year’s pleasure and happiness
how it is possible?
Why can not it be good? What I’m looking forward to!
Shoot all the year shot! If you really are my wish, pay 100 rupees for today’s expenses
New Year’s first good food has become very expensive … The dust …