Pinki – New Cap

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Pinik Bibi has brought a hat as a gift for his neighbor Shadi Kaka. She says that Shadiya Kaka should now wear a new hat instead of her old coated hat. But Shaidi, this hat was very expensive for Kaka. how does? See your own reading …

Where are you going to fuck this hat? It’s too old, throw it and buy a new one
Aryo and Allah’s Layout! Do not always talk about spending. The new hat is not less than fifty rupees, while I will add a few sticks to a half year and run it.
Hey dad .. Pinik! Where did this trouble tackle?
Please tell me What is in my hand
Frog or snake .. Which will be troubled by me now
Absolutely not! I’ve got a new cap for you. Your old hat does not look good.
This .. how much is this?
Free !!
Lying ! I do not even get advice today.
I’m telling the truth. My aunty has brought this hat from Chicago
Then you will get some work from me instead of it. Is not it
Absolutely not !
Nice awesome! Then accept the cap with a doubt
God’s Leave! How does this cap take on my head?
Like the mother has climbed Moore …
Why am I so bad that the hat can not wear?
No, that’s not the case. Has anyone ever taken a hit on the pyrohama?
Buy a new coat. This heat will flow on it
With a new coat paint this broken chapel will not run. Buy a pair of new shoes and nitrients also bought
Then then I also get my hair set from the beauty parlor and the fee lift too!
Two new new saris and some modern ammunition jawls have to buy
Your husband and wife could not feel good at walking. You buy a car too
But I do not know how to drive the car
No problem, we’ll keep a driver. Only two thousand rupees monthly will be given to him
But .. Where will the car be? Our little houses …
Hey you think too. After taking the car, who will be in the hump .. We will also buy a new Bangla where the car will be separate
Pinterest! Take this your new hat. It’s very expensive! I have my old old cap, thank you!