Pinki – Blank Letter

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Avoid winking. Yes! If they do not forget their grandfather, where will you leave us and you? Last time, Pankee had tasted Grandpa’s newspaper in the case of newspaper … How often is the name of the letter letter tense? Just read and see …

Grandpa! You have never sent me a letter!
Pinik daughter, what do you need to write a letter? You stay here
But you often write letters to Shahab Anakel asking them about their situation.
Hey Baba, because they live in another city, so they have to send a letter
so what? If you do not have a month, you should send me a letter at least for a year. Do not you remember me?
Finish discussion … Putin wins a lie, write a letter
Well, okay, take this letter! I have written a lot of things for you
And where are 10 rupees?
10 rupees? How good is that
Do not you see postal tickets?
But this is just a letter of lies.
The postponement did not mean any grandfather!
even then … It takes only five rupees tickets on the letter!
It’s bearings, so give double money!
Oh .. Take this 10 rupees and my life, please!
Brother in law! Come on Ice Cream Eats