Popo and Bablo – Ice Cream Party

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Pappu and Babu’s mischief on one side, but sometimes the forgotten puppies also embarrass their ami and Abu in front of the guests. How to see

How many ice cream is to make for?
At least 12 people. However, these Qasim brothers eat like a laugh
All the other eat as usual. Like us ..
That evening …
What do you say Buffet? Wow! What a delicious and delicious!
Yes. And what else you want to eat
Why is not buffethed every day at home? So on tea at evening …
Oh, you forgot to bring the shades. How can people eat ice cream without spoon?
Oh. I just send Pipo
Very good. Now you give each guest a single spoon
later on ..
Pope! Why did not you give a spoon to Qasim brother?
Do they need a spoon?
Abu says that they eat as innocent