Papo and Bablo – Gourmet Uncle

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Pepe and Babu Mimi told them that they did not eat much in the party, the food stirred more food. Now what if Pope tied this in the neck then what happened? See yourself

Anwar Sahib is definitely not worthless in the matter of celebrating her wedding anniversary nor does she consume
Said perfectly
… And their twins are also quite guests
Uncle, have some sweets
Thank you son, I like sweets very much
Uncle, have another cup of ice cream
Buzzes … Buzz
Uncle, take another banana
Uncle, take one from me too
Anwar, brother, your sons have also gone to guests like you
Thanks for the praise Qasim Brother. But where did it go?
There he is
Why are you feeling disturbing here?
Abu! I gave Qasim Anak many sweets, they all ate …
Still, his belly did not break, while Mimi used to say that ….