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It’s been a while ago. In a circle of friends, the topic was discussing how to get rid of TV / Internet for children for some time? Simple observation is that most of the children’s interest is the axis of cartoon and cartoon stories, serials and movies.
Pakistan does not know much but in India, there are plenty of children’s magazines in English and Hindi, and some comics magazines have gone out that their number has now been reduced compared to the previous 30/20 years.

However, this experience was successful that the children should be banned from TV / Internet for some time, and they should be banned from reading books and magazines based on cartoon stories. Meanwhile, a vocabulary in vocabulary and vocabulary in his grammar was found to be somewhat increased. Rather, some children also succeeded in writing story / writing.

This matter was exhausted with English and Hindi. Our lovely language, which is being seen in the present era, is an example of it. Shams reminded that our dear journalist, friend and famous blogger Adnan ‘Shams’ Alvi, focusing on the same topic of topic on this blog by focusing on this blog:

In the present period, Urdu newspapers have ignored children’s cartoon or comic strips, due to which the study of newspapers or magazines gives rise to the new generation. The time is required to keep the survival of Urdu language survivors and complete this shortage …
The ‘cartoon’ website has been executed by the same functionality. Most of the content that started for academic impacts is achieved [Cartoon / Comics Images] from different websites on the internet and the content is being offered in Urdu.
Therefore it is clear that the names of all cartoon / comic characters and stories of stories are protected by the names of relevant organizations / authors.